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Winter's Coming! What Does Your Roof Need?

Now that the leaves are starting to fall and we're feeling the chill in the air, roofing companies in Johnson City, TN can expect to see an uptick in roof repairs. The winter months will often find homeowners calling roof repair specialists in Johnson City, TN, to fix roof issues caused by snow and ice.

Snow and ice accumulation are extremely common, and roofers will see the damage caused by ice dams like roof collapse, roof leaks, and roof drainage problems.

Snow and Ice Damage to Roofs

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When snow and ice accumulate on a roof surface, they present several dangers. Some include structural roof collapse, roof leaks, and roof drainage problems. The weight of the snow or ice builds up over time, causing roof caving. 

When snow falls off the roof, it can damage roofing shingles or gutters. Roofs that have a steep pitch is especially more vulnerable to roof collapses

Snow and ice that accumulate on shingles and gutters can lead to roof leaks. 

This is because the weight of the accumulation causes cracks to develop in shingles and gutters, and roof leaks commonly result from damaged roofing materials. 

Also, roof drainage problems occur when melting snow refreezes once it reaches the lower roof edges or gutters. This can cause ice dams to form at the gutter line, which causes roof leaks in the interior of homes.

When these roof damage incidents happen, roofing contractors Johnson City, TN, are often called to repair the roof damage. Repair these problems as soon as you notice them and avoid more severe roof damage!

The Dangers of Ice Dams

One of the most common types of roof problems that roofers will see this season is ice dams.

An ice dam is formed when roof snow melts from roof heat but cannot drain off of the roof because of a roofing problem. The melted water will then refreeze at roof eaves and roof edges. This in turn, forms an ice dam that can be several inches thick.

An ice dam creates a dangerous situation because it causes water to pool on your roof's surface. This could lead to roof collapse. When roof water doesn't drain properly, it can back up into your home's foundation or basement, causing damage that will require significant repairs.

Ice dams are dangerous because they often cause roof leaks and roof collapses. This means that roof repairs in your Johnson City, TN home is needed - immediately! The longer you wait to address ice dam issues, the worse roof damage can become.

Prevent Roof Collapse by Fixing Roof Leaks

The best way to avoid roof ice dams and roof collapse is to ensure roof drainage and roof leak problems are fixed as soon as possible. If your roof has a steep pitch, you'll want to be especially careful. It makes roof water runoff more likely to freeze and cause roof ice dams.

When roofing contractors Johnson City, TN spot roof leaks, they'll recommend roof repair services. Such recommendations include roof ventilation, roof sealing, or roof replacement. 

They'll also inspect your roof's perimeter for signs of pooling water. This could indicate a roof drainage problem and roof leaks.

Johnson City roof repair specialists can help improve roof drainage by recommending roof ventilation, roof sealing, or roof replacement services.

Repairs to Your Roof Can Save You Money and Headaches!

Roof repairs aren't always the most fun thing on your Fall to-do list. But they're necessary to avoid roof problems and roof repairs in the future.

The Johnson City Roofing and Siding know the damage that snow and ice accumulation can do to roofs. Snow and ice don't stand a chance against certified roofers experienced at fixing roof issues caused by winter weather!

If you spot a roof leak, roof ice dams, or roof collapse on your roof this winter, call Johnson City Roofing and Siding, who will be happy to help with roof repair!

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