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New siding is a transformative home upgrade. It’s a great way to show your distinctive tastes, as well as offering value and aesthetic appeal.

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The purpose of siding is to defend your home from the elements. When it stops doing that, it must be replaced. Our roofing TN contractors are ready to work with you to discuss all your siding needs.

You should replace your siding when:
  • It has begun to rot or crumble: When your siding starts to crumble away, you begin to lose that critical layer of protection for your home. We can recommend the solution that’s most appropriate for your unique situation, and provide you with the best quality roofing and siding installation.
  • You get visible holes or cracks: These gaps aren’t just unsightly - they compromise your home’s structural integrity, and allow moisture and pests inside to cause further damage. Contact us to discuss your siding solutions today.
  • You feel drafts near walls and windows, or around switches and electrical receptacles: Even if there’s no visible damage to the exterior of your home, a draft is a tell-tale sign that your siding is no longer protecting you as it should. Contact us if you’re looking to upgrade, we would love to introduce you to the full range of home siding options.
  • You encounter mold or moisture inside your home. Wherever you discover the effects of moisture buildup like rot, mold, or mildew indoors, check the condition of the same area on the exterior of your home. Contact the professional siding contractors who can work with you on your unique home protection and insulation needs.
  • You want to boost your home’s resale value. Of all the home improvement decisions you can make, installing new vinyl siding offers a fantastic return on your investment. Contact the professional, reliable roofers and siding experts at Roofing Johnson City TN to talk about the transferable lifetime product warranty available on many of our siding options.

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    Need Experts to Install Roofing for Your Heritage Home?

    Our roofing and siding experts have a wealth of knowledge. We know how to integrate new roof and siding technologies with the classic roof shapes, and materials. We make sure that all these elements plus our workmanship will add value to Heritage homes.

    Expertise and Knowledge

    These are not one-size-fits-all kinds of jobs. As a result, each job needs to be designed and built specifically for the roof and siding of each structure.
    At Johnson City Roofing and Siding, our roofing and siding experts are dedicated to what we do. In other words, we ensure your new roof will stand up against Mother Nature's worst weather elements for years to come.

    Above all, by adding a modern roof system with technologically advanced roofing products, your roof will last longer (decades longer). Be wary of roofing installed by roofers with less experience and roof installation knowledge. It's not a question of how much the roof costs, it's a question of how long your roof lasts!

    For this reason, we choose top-quality roofing materials when you decide to restore your heritage home. With roof replacement or restoration services from Johnson City Roofing and Siding, you can have peace of mind. You have the assurance that you chose the right company.

    There is a difference in roofing and roofing solutions. Different roof shapes require different roof designs. As roofing experts, we know the distinction between roofing styles. Roofing systems include gable roofs, steep slope roof types, mansard (double-slope), or pyramid (triangular) roof shapes.

    Roof Styles

    There are roofing materials (shingles, metal roof panels) that accentuate the roof shape for a given roof type. Just as important, they keep your roof environmentally friendly and energy-efficient with products like metal roofing systems from zinc or aluminum.
    We are roofing and siding experts who can guide you in making these decisions.

    As roofing and siding experts who know how to protect Heritage roof styles, roof shapes, materials, and workmanship. We are committed to preserving the elegant aesthetics that make them worthy of being protected.
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