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5 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

As an eco-friendly business, our clients often ask us what environmentally-friendly roofing supply options they can do to have a green roof. While many aspects of the roofing industry are not "green", some options exist for environmentally-friendly roofs.

Most people know that asphalt shingles are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Compared to other options, they are used widely for their low cost. 

Some manufacturers also offer "cool colour" shingles that reflect sunlight up off the roof, thus making your rooftop feel cooler during hot summer months - helping you air condition your home more efficiently.

However, asphalt shingles' “not so green” properties outweigh all these advantages. We’ll discuss these in another post.

For now, these are the 5 green roofing solutions that are perfect for Johnson City homes. 


Clay Tiles

While clay tiles might last 50+ years without needing repairs or replacement, they come with a higher price tag. Clay tiles are also hefty - up to 4x the weight of shingles. This can cause problems depending on what kind of roof structure you have.

Cement Tile Roofs

These are becoming popular in many areas throughout the country because they are attractive and long-lasting. They also require little maintenance once installed. 

These roofs are an excellent alternative to clay tile, as they are more rustic-looking. They are less likely to crack from freeze/thaw conditions if you live in an area where this is a concern. Purchase these tiles from the roofing tile supply near you.

Wood Shake Roofs

Cedar shake roofs are another excellent option for environmentally friendly roofing. Wood is a natural, renewable resource that will biodegrade over time. As a result, there will be no adverse environmental effects when disposed of properly. 

The main downside of wood is that it requires regular maintenance - you will either need to strip and restain your cedar shake roof every 2-4 years or paint your shake roof with an oil-based paint every 5-7 years, depending upon weather conditions in your area. Find them from the roofing tile supply near you.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs have been around for centuries - longer than any other roofing material. 

The downside to slate is that it has a "flat" profile which makes it not ideal for areas with lots of snow because it can slide off your roof during heavy snowfall - leading to possible damage to the foundation line of your home. 

Slate roofs require little maintenance once installed, but they are also costly. This is also one of the famous tiles people purchase from the roofing supply store near me.

When you need a new roof, using environmentally friendly roofing options can help keep your carbon footprint small while protecting your home needs to last for many years to come!

About Johnson City Roofing and Siding

Johnson City Roofing and Siding provides a broad range of commercial and residential roofing services. We are committed to providing our clients superior service, efficient installations, and comprehensive warranties at competitive prices.

We have been in business for many years and have the experience to meet many roofing needs. In addition to being green roof pros, Johnson City Roofing and Siding makes it a point to consider the earth's well-being when replacing or installing roofs.

We stand out because we offer extensive and intensive roofing systems suitable for most applications.

Johnson City Roofing and Siding makes it easy for business or household owners to make the right environmental decisions without sacrificing quality workmanship. We offer a broad range of services to find the perfect system for your needs.

Performing extensive research on each new product line we carry is also necessary. That is why we attend manufacturer training seminars. We also review technical datasheets, observe installations, and read industry publications. 

This allows them to provide you with reliable information about their products. You can then invest in appropriate solutions for your climate and application.

Our goal is to provide the right system for the application, not the most expensive one. You can rest assured that we will complete your green roofing project to the highest standards.

What We Believe In

Johnson City Roofing and Siding promise you peace of mind when allowing them to work on your roof. We've built our reputation for excellence by focusing on honesty, integrity, and attention to detail in every project we undertake. 

The intention is to establish lasting relationships with each client to deliver superior service today and in the future. We strive to create value for our clients through high-quality services and expert installation techniques.

Nature's elements, including rain, wind, heavy snow, and scorching sun rays, can significantly erode or damage a roof. We provide comprehensive protection with customized roofs that suit your home or business. 

In addition, we specialize in energy-saving designs that lower utility bills and increase the comfort of a space.

If you're looking for a reliable company to install your green roof, Johnson City Roofing and Siding is the only name you need to know. You can contact them online or give them a call to set up an appointment with our roofing team today!

Our Commitment to the Environment

Johnson City Roofing and Siding is committed to protecting the earth from harmful chemicals. These can be found in roofing shingles. When it rains, it can contaminate water sources and negatively impact human health. 

In addition, we offer "green" roofs for customers who want to build homes that are friendly to nature. We also believe that roofs must be long-lasting and durable. We offer a service that is second to none on the market today.

Our certified green roof professionals offer extensive and intensive systems for all applications. We built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and attention to detail. 

This has allowed us to create lasting relationships with each client we serve. We will discuss roofing options with you to find the fit for your needs. We'll discuss which ones protect against weather damage and lower utility bills. Get these eco-friendly tiles from the roofing tile supply near you.

If you're looking for a professional roofing company in Johnson City, give Johnson City Roofing and Siding a call today or visit their website online.

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