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7 Reasons a Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be a common occurrence for those who live in houses. Whether you like it or not, most homeowners encounter these at some point in their life. There's no need to be concerned when this happens to your roofing in Johnson City, TN. Just call the best roofing company near you.

There are several ways to repair roofs and prevent future leaks from occurring. The key is to find out what caused the leak! Keep reading.

Here are some reasons why roofs leak.

1. Too much weight on the roof can cause leaks. 

Too much water can weigh a roof down, causing it to leak. You have probably seen roofers on top of a roof when it is raining. This is because roofers fix roof leaks that occur from too much rainwater weight on the roof.

Other things that could weigh down your roof include snow — roofing materials too heavy for the roof structure, roof extensions, roof vents, roof fans, exhaust pipes, or chimneys.

2. Use of substandard roofing material.

Age, weather conditions, and wear affect roofing material. If the roofing materials are not of good quality or are weak, then roof leaks may occur. Once roofing material is old/aged/weathered, it becomes less durable and more vulnerable to damage.

3. The roofer may have forgotten to caulk or seal gaps.

If you've ever looked closely at roofing or siding on houses, you might have noticed it has gaps between boards or shingles. This is normal and okay to have gaps, but you must seal them with caulking. Sealing these gaps will prevent water from getting into your house when it rains, which would cause roof leaks.

4. If you have an attic, insulation might not have been installed correctly.

In many cases, Johnson City residents will find that insulation is either missing or the installation was not right from the onset. To avoid this, seek help from best roofing company near you.

5. Roofs can dip or sag over time as they age.

This might cause roofing and siding to shift, creating a gap between roofing and roof trusses for insulation to slip through. If your roof is older, your roofing in Johnson City, TN, as wells as your siding may have leaks coming from roof trusses.

6. Asphalt shingle roofing do deteriorate

When asphalt shingle roofing deteriorates, it traps moisture between roofing layers, which causes roofing nails to loosen,. As roofing ages, its ability to protect your home declines as well. Nearly every roof begins to leak as the roof turns 20 years old.

7. High-pitch vs. low-pitch roofs

High roof pitch roofing can be a roof leak culprit because it doesn't provide a large enough surface area for water to run off from before it seeps into roof trusses. To avoid roofing and siding leaks, Johnson City homeowners prefer low pitch roofs.

If you are experiencing roof leaks, it is essential to have the issue fixed once and for all by a professional roofer.  There are many reasons why roofs leak, but there is no need to worry about which one applies in your situation. 

All of our qualified contractors will know how best to repair any damage to your property's roofing system. 

With many years of experience, we can assess easily if a roof issue needs repair or replacement is the better solution. We are the best roofing company near you, so call us!

Let us inspect your roof without any obligation on your part! Call now at (423)358-2186 or fill out our form online today!

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